StrawberryFrog Wins Best Agency of the Year at The Drum Awards 2019

Feb 20, 2020

StrawberryFrog was awarded Best Advertising agency in the US for 2019 by The Drum at last week’s Agency Business Awards.

Known for its revolutionary and effective approach to activating purpose brands, brand building, strategic and creative excellence, the agency has proven its expertise in movement marketing. Movement Marketing was invented by StrawberryFrog, and used to help companies such as Google, Microsoft, Emirates Airline and SunTrust grow and flourish. 

StrawberryFrog activates purpose brands through movement marketing. 

The agency is celebrating its twentieth year in business in, closing the year with a number of successes thanks to its focus on activating purpose in brands. Movement Marketing has activated StrawberryFrog, and has seen the agency rapidly grow its services. It helps company leaders change the culture of organizations and habits and rituals of employees. An adjacent practice focuses on reinventing HR, and how companies engage employees – which has been recognized by receiving this award.

“Half our work is external movements that ignite growth for brands through innovative and highly creative marketing,” said Scott Goodson, CEO of StrawberryFrog. “The other half is internal movements, focusing on reinventing HR and employee engagement. The difference between ‘top down leadership’ (do this because I tell you to do it) and ‘cross-company leadership’ (let’s do this because we all want to do it – because it’s something that really matters to us). This is how leaders activate purpose inside organizations. It is the new leadership tool for CEOs and innovative HR leaders.

“Top down leadership demanding change in an organization or forcing adoption of a purpose is a flawed model. And the opposite of ‘one’ (leader) is ‘everyone’. And every level. And that’s why our internal movements are the opposite of the old style corporate leadership demanding compliance. And why the galvanizing, understanding and trust that internal movement create throughout the organization gives them a better ability to activate purpose over time (because it is a more commonly owned motivation) as well as down through the organization.”

StrawberryFrog current and past clients include Truist Bank, SunTrust Bank, Walmart, The Coca Cola Company, Northwell Health, Georgia Pacific, MyMo, Woody Creek Distillery, Lifebridge, P&G, PepsiCo, Tesla, Microsoft and the Smart Car (StrawberryFrog’s first client).

By Scott Goodson

Founder of StrawberryFrog