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Heist CEO: ‘We’re building the Nike of underwear’

Sep 28, 2018

How to become a challenger brand in the age of disruption? The world’s best challenger brand thinker is Adam Morgan of UK based Eat Big Fish. He’s not only a visionary marketing mind, he’s also a good friend. In his company’s recent article, underwear is put under the microscope with some surprisingly fresh perspectives. Enjoy:

The Challenger Project

Using an engineering-led approach to product development, Heist is re-inventing underwear in an industry where innovation is usually driven by cyclical trends. And as a brand, Heist has something to say on how women are portrayed in advertising today. Co-founder and CEO Toby Darbyshire explains to eatbigfish the insight that led to Heist, his reflections on last year’s banned tube ads and his advice for other challenger CEOs.

Watch Toby Darbyshire here.

By StrawberryFrog

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