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One-time Strategic Activities
Social Media Strategy
Defining a Social Media Strategy is about understanding key business goals and determining success factors. It includes:
  • Determining what role social media should play for your brand and the success factors for each social each channel.
  • Detailing how we’ll drive content, messaging strategies, and paid media to create your social program
  • We can conduct a thorough audit of your existing content & strategy to determine how it’s meeting your marketing objectives.
Social Media Playbook
  • Once a strategy is defined, we’ll create a playbook that details social media specific brand guidelines including best practices, visual guidelines, and onboarding details.
Ongoing Activities
Community Management
Social Media is about engagement. We can manage all social channels and engage with posted content, working to cultivate an engaged community.
Asset Creation  
Content is critical to success on social media. We can ideate, plan, produce, manage your content creation in a way that is fast and effective. 
Reporting & Analysis & Social Listening
We provide regular reports that tell you what worked, what didn’t, and what we should try next time.  Social listening can help define and amplify your social media strategy and provide real-time measurements on audience responsiveness. This is particularly useful if your brand is leveraging influencers or frequently in the news.
Influencer strategy & management
Influencers are excellent sources for content and of amplification for your brand. Managed incorrectly, they can have a negative impact.  We understand the nuanced relationship a brand needs to maintain to effectively execute a successful influencer program.
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