We work with CEOs, HR and People leaders:

To drive a new kind of employee change and company growth benefiting many, not just the few.

Leaders win when employees are focused, aligned and energized. Your people matter more than ever. But how do you gain their trust, belief and passion? Our proven Movement Inside™ approach is the difference between 'top down leadership' (Do this because I tell you to do it) and 'cross-company leadership' (Let's do this because we all want to do it – because it's something that really matters to us).

Mandates can't change culture or habits as effectively as Movements which engage, motivate and change your employees' minds and behaviors quickly so you can transform and grow your organization.

We offer:

  • _Vision, strategy & structure change
  • _Employee research
  • _EVP & employee experience
  • _Employee engagement
  • _Executive training and coaching
  • _Technology and AI
  • _Internal communications
  • _Benefits, Comp, Performance employee marketing
  • _Physical, emotional and financial well-being programs
  • _Purpose Gap™

Measure of the distance over time and down through the organization between a purpose being announced and its continued understanding and use at the 'bottom' of the organization 18 months later.

Why? Because employees... are consumers... are people first.