We did it for the largest employer in NY State and for Walmart on a massive scale.

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Movement Inside™

Powerful change driver for organizations

We design Movements to deliver positive change and growth, by merging the capabilities of a world-class creative marketing firm and a research-backed strategic consultancy.

  • • They form passionate advocate communities who rally around a shared purpose to drive change.
  • • They are rooted in a shared dissatisfaction with the status quo.
  • • They shape beliefs and transform behavior.
  • • They take a clear stand and defend it.
  • • They are co-created and co-owned.

The Purpose Gap™

There is a growing "Purpose Gap", the distance between how employees and top executives feel purpose is being activated inside America's largest companies, according to a new research study.

StrawberryFrog solves the Purpose Gap with Movement Inside, and has cases to view for Walmart, Northwell, Google, Mahindra, Lifebridge, and others. Email rasika@strawberryfrog.com for details or


We offer:

  • • Movement Strategy Visioning and Execution
  • • Competitive Cultural Audit
  • • Mixed Methods Research, including cultural, behavioral, ethnographic
  • • Leadership Alignment & Coaching
  • • Employee Training & Development
  • • Creative Marketing and Communications
  • • Experiential Activations
  • • Cultural Prototyping
  • • Employee Wellbeing Programming
  • • KPI Monitoring and 360 Assessments
  • • Purpose Gap™

Measure of the distance over time and down through the organization between a purpose being announced and its continued understanding and use at the 'bottom' of the organization 18 months later.

Why? Because employees... are consumers... are people first.

What we can do for you